Services Offered

We believe that a healthy community creates a healthy society.
Our contribution to resolving possible issues is to create a safe space for conversation within the congregation. Working together, we can make the changes needed for the improvement of our wellbeing.

Please note that care and support is offered by non-professional counsellors and not necessarily qualified psychologists.


Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling differentiates from other parts of pastoral care in that it involves a time- limited relationship that takes place in an informal space in such a way that they feel helped and healed. Non-professional Counselling is a biblical calling to bear one another's burdens to bring the healing power of Christ for the glory of God.


Marriage Counselling

Christian marriage counselling is a valuable resource for couples who want to strengthen their relationship. It gives you and your spouse a chance to resolve issues in a safe and constructive environment. Counselling is just as helpful to those who aren't necessarily encountering issues but are seeking guidance and insight to strengthen their relationship with their spouse, as well as with God.


Career Counselling

Career counselling is a process that helps individuals identify and explore career options, make informed decisions about their future, and develop strategies to achieve their goals by providing them with the information and tools necessary that can help identify their strengths and weaknesses, leading to greater satisfaction and success.



For the church to see spiritual and foundational growth in the hearts of their young men and women, mentorship/discipleship is needed. These relationships are firmly rooted in God, but also focused on sharing knowledge through personal experiences. This is a check-in, offer advice and encouragement, share meals and grow together. These informal mentoring/discipleship relationships strengthens the faith of everyone and puts their faith into action.



Deliverance ministries focus on tearing down spiritual strongholds in one’s life, finding inner healing, and claiming the victory in Christ over all enemies. Out of God’s love for us, our deliverances enable us to be active participants in Jesus’ work through the Holy Spirit.


Kingdom Finances

Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
How we handle money is a direct reflection of our heart’s view of God. Either money will become the focus of our lives and draw us away from God, or we will use it as a tool to honour God. Biblical principles and wisdom to help people make wise God honouring financial decisions. The focus of traditional financial planning is about maximising the benefit for you and your glory. Biblical financial planning is about maximising the benefit for God’s glory. The core difference is our worldview. One is focused on ourselves and the other is focused on God.